A question about streaming levels

Hi, I am doing a virtual ride. There are 4 levels to show, every level have a matinee to move the camera. I want them to load automatically one by one. But by level streaming, it requires to combine all levels together. My levels are open places and have totally different environments, also not linked by some doors.
So which way should I go?

You could try teleporting the player between the streamed levels. Might also have to combine some creative turn of the camera to make this appear seamless. Hard to say without pictures of what you are doing.

Thanks Zeustiak, I am doing a virtual roller coaster like project. What I want is to tele the player with fading and camera movement. The 4 levels I did is like the pics below. Actually 4 totally different stage. Do I still can use level streaming? Is the skybox and lighting difference can cause some problem?Or how can I also use some pre-rendered movie to cover the loading time?
Sorry to ask so many questions at once:) I am really in a rush…

Looks pretty good!

But yeah, I think the skybox will be your biggest issue. I don’t know if there is a way to cull skyboxes to keep them in a certain area, though I would think there would be.

Can you change skyboxes on the fly? Maybe as you teleport a new skybox comes in? Would be pretty sweet if one faded out as the other faded in.