A question about

Hi am planning to apply for a standard membership on this site called which seems good. Although i would like to know if anyone else here has joined and i’d like to hear from them.

hi, i like you just subscribed to gameinstitute for the game art i’m not planning to o their tutorials for programming it is really good and easy to follow right now (console application )
and they also have directx9 tutorials and a* pathfinding for artificial intelligence but like you i don’t really know if by following those tutorials we’ll become good at unreal engine4 c++ because unreal have it’s own library …

Their five year membership is pretty cheap, so I’d certainly like to hear some detailed opinions about what kind of material they offer, and at what quality.

I’ve been a member for about a year and have learned a lot…what you learn about programming does carry over into UE4…I have not taken any of the test because you don’t have to take them if you just want to learn…they have a free trial and they don’t spam your email… sangloo has listed pretty much what they have but they also have 3d modeling in 3ds max lessons and unity3d lessons and a game engine in alpha with full source which has a lot of info if someone wanted to try creating their own game engine…there is even a course on creating your own console and you can order all the parts…there is a class on making textures that is good…I would recommend trying the trial and see if you like it…hope this helps…

I can’t say anything about their new stuff, but I did the C++ courses years ago, and while it seems like they’ve changed the business model and format a bit, I can say the quality of training is/was top notch. In fact, I may have to dust off my old C++ stuff from them soon.

Thank you guys! :slight_smile: