A problem in the import model

Hi everyone
I have a problem with the import model.
After I import the model into the engine and then into the shape Bild
I’m grateful for your guidance

Uv’s are probably completely out and overlapping by the looks of it. You would get a little more help if you post what you built the model with and the ‘other’ steps you have used pre-import.

Also make sure that you have a 2nd uv channel for your lightmap ->

Dear Friend, Thank you for your help
If I’m going for that software 3d max Introduce training

my problem is that when i import this coconut tree the leafs start disappearing when I look up from below the tree like in this pic

did you tick the “two sided” option in your leaf materials settings?, if you didn’t it might fix it.

thanks that fixed it

glad it worked for you:)