a noisy, stretching texture while driving

Created a paint vehicle while driving happens here is .Use cubic reflection map ,please help :frowning:

without moving all right, but the car starts to go by what happens is that I have shown in the picture.
In camera settings completely disabled motion blur, all the camera settings are at zero

It might be global post process overriding the motion blur. Check in the Scene Browser to see if there’s a PostProcess volume in the level. Looks like you’ve got some mega anti-aliasing issues as well or the cubemap isn’t high-resolution enough.

The Engines Anti-Aliasing can cause blurring sometimes as it works over multiple frames, if the car moves too quickly and has reflections it’s a recipe for visuals like this. Need to see the material network as well. It might even be that the cubemap doesn’t have the correct input to it’s UVs.

HI spiderrx, for me personally it looks like screen space reflection related issue. those can create a lot of noise on moving objects due to sampling issues. try go to post process stetting and disable them