A new start, A lot of questions. - Unreal Engine tips/help for a new dev

I’ve reached a certain stage of my degree, which requires me to learn UE mechanics and develop a game, with this engine.
Now, I’m not a beginner at coding, that I’ve been doing for the past 4 years, BUT, I’ve developed 2D games all this time.
I have no idea how to program for a 3D environment, there’s many things I don’t know about 3D itself, like light effects, particles (okay, I know we have this in 2D, but it could be different in 3D), camera management, CHARACTER/OBJECT creation/animation, and, of course, how to do an UI, a Cinematic and, you know, the typical menu system.
The Engine starts right off the bat with a premade zone ( or even empty ) and I don’t know where to start with!
I don’t know if I can mention other engines here, and I’m sorry if it’s forbidden, but my experience is based on Unity and C#, which makes the whole blueprint system easy to understand, but I still feel lost in the middle of this overwhelming UI, with so many options for so many things I can’t even dream of.
Don’t take me wrong, exploring is great, but I’m not that kind of person, atleast in the beginning.
I prefer to watch/read a good guide. Even if it’s a 2 hour video, or if it’s a page with a really tiny scroll bar, it’s fine by me if I understand the basics and I get my initial mindset.

Now, I’ve searched unreal engine tutorials around the web ( not a deep search, just pointing that out ) and some videos really helped me understand some details about the engine, while others ( most of the unreal engine videos ) just use premade models, stages, objects, everything, with their premade animations and actions, and I just can’t follow that. I want to be able to create most of my content, or atleast learn how to do some of the most important things.

This thread was made with the objective of finding good sources of learning, and listening to words of advice from pro or even beginners that have been at it for a while now, so that this individual over here could pick up the pace and be just another “something something” in this community.

Well, thank you to those who read the whole thing.

Look at top of this page, then click the Learn button.

From my limited experience you would use an external program like Maya to “create your own content” and then that gets imported. I don’t believe all of that can be done within the Unreal engine 4. Hopefully someone can correct me if I’m wrong. I’m at a similar stage and trying to find my way as well.

^^ Correct.
So as far as asset creation goes, you’ll have to also pick up pick up a 3d content creation program (blender is free), along with something like photoshop (krita and gimp are both free) for 2d.

Something to keep in mind is that the Unreal Editor is typically used by teams of people from many different jobs/backgrounds when it’s used in a large game project. These people can range from 3d artists to gameplay programmers, and it’s rare that any single person would need to know how every part of the editor/engine works.

However it’s definitely worthwhile gaining a working knowledge of the basics of each, or at least knowing what a particular part of the editor is used for at least. For a small one person project I doubt you’d be needing the more advanced features yet anyway.

As you’ve mentioned you’ve made 2D games before and have an understanding of gameplay scripting from using Unity/C#, perhaps you may want to start with a simple 2D game in Unreal? - Paper 2D | Unreal Engine Documentation. That could balance out learning new stuff in Unreal while still keeping things somewhat familiar by keeping to 2D.