A little question about ROOT MOTION

Hi, I’m a little confused about how can I Root Motion ‘checked’ to behave like an ‘unchecked’ Root Motion. I don’t know if that is possible.

I want the animation to work this way (Without Root Motion - YouTube) but final direction to be like a Root Motion ‘checked’, how is it here (With Root Motion - YouTube], here it keeps its direction, but I can;t controling it.

I don’t know how to explain it better, I hope it is understood:)

Can you help me with any tutorials or ideas on how to fix this?

Thank You Advance!!!

Hey ,

There are two ways that I can think to solve this without too much hassle. If you only want to lock rotation, you could grab a reference to your character movement and zero out rotation during the animation. Here’s a super quick display of how to turn that on and off, you will probably want to use anim notifies to make this smoother in your final controller instead of relying on a delay node.

I have a feeling you probably don’t want your character to be able to strafe freely during this animation, though, so it would probably be helpful to add some root movement to your animation instead. This will take a little tweaking on your end, but I will detail the basic process below.

Open your animation, click Skeleton Tree on the left, and highlight the Root bone, and then click Add Key at the top of your screen. Slide the animation to the frame where you would like movement to start; this may be the very first frame if you don’t want to have a windup, and click Add Key again. You should end up with a screen that looks something like this, but with your own model and animations.

Next, find the frame where you would like motion to end, then move the model on the screen the distance you would like it travel during this animation, then add another key. You should have something that looks like this, with a visible movement track below your character and a graph which represents the rate of motion your character will have.

That graph can be edited to change the speed your character will move from point A to point B, allowing for example a burst of speed at the beginning followed by a slow landing, or vice versa.

Lastly, there is one final thing you need to do if you want to add vertical movement to root motion. While this animation might be fine at ground level, if you wanted to launch your character in the air with this animation and then bring him back down, you need to grab a reference to the character movement component and set isflying when calling this animation. After that you can add Z axis movement just like X and Y axis movement.

Sorry for the wall of text, but hope this helps! Good luck with your animations!


Thanks for the reply!!

I want to be able to move the character during the animation, such as without Root Motion enabled, but i want it to keep its 90 degree rotation from the end, how it would be with Root Motion enabled.
This animation has 90 degrees set at the end when landing by root motion. But I don’t know how to keep it 90 degrees from the end without Root Motion being enabled.

In short, I want to be able to control the character even if root motion is enabled and has rotation and location properties.