A.I Creation and Guidence (urgent)

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Firstly I would like to point out that I don’t normally post on the Unreal 4 forums because I tend to find what I am looking for after a couple of days, but now this issue is really starting to stress me out and i have a deadline on the 25th for a university assignment. It’s just a simple question on how do I make A.I units and set them up. Any help at all with this situation I would really appreciate, if possible could someone give me a step by step understanding on how to achieve this?

I’ve been using a nav mesh but I still can’t get a basic unit to move from point A to point B after looking at so many forum posts and YouTube video tutorials its always the case of them using some starting content or the fact their unreal engine version has different menu layouts. On top of that I need to create a basic combat system but I can’t really apply this until I can get the units to move towards their set locations.
My current engine version is at 4.9.2

Thank you for your time

  • Adrian.S

When you have a deadline i would suggest buying stuff from MP.
25 this month, is not far away.
UAIS AI and realistic BP weaps. They are well documented and i bet, exactly what you need.
Manually Google
I personal use AI without behaviour tree, made my own basic state machine, based on Ahsan Muzaheed Ai example.
Weapsystem gets complex quick, when it comes to animations.

Thank you for your reply, however i have had a look around the internet through google and youtube ect… nothing don’t seems to work if im honest and market place is not a option. I clearly must be missing something along the line if i can not get this process around my head i guess its back to trying out some attemps again, any chance of you being able to show me step by step instructions on how you got your A.I to function through PM?

Hmm, i asked my kids about splitting our limited freetime we have together, into pieces and sell you some parts of that, so that i could teach you that AI Stuff.
But it came out, that they have an unrealistic hourly price setup, for our “together”-freetime.
Sry, not possible. For that money you could buy whole MP content.

I posted some days ago a list with around 25% of the tutorials i did in the past to come so far. Here is it.
Hope it helps you.

Sincerely proud fatherbauch

It is fine thank you for your information and time anyway :slight_smile: