A guiding light to indie adoption and proliferation into emerging markets

I write this today simply as thank you and a reminder for the good job that epic is doing with Unreal Engine 4. I’m sure I speak for a majority but not all of subscribers in saying we are happy with what you guys have work on thus far. We understand not only is this a new engine (well major revision), but also the licensing and distribution model. Both of which are not 100% perfect… but ill just say its in the > 95% satisfaction from my point of view.

I know Feature X is coming, with Technology Y, on Platform Z. Documentation is slowly catching up and i know a year from know i will be greatly pleased at the progress.Everyone in the gaming knows Epic and the Unreal Engine(s) is and will continue to be AAA quality engine. Know one has doubted the fidelity and power that it bring to the Windows to windows PC space with 100+(?) shipped titles. Everyone knows Unreal Engine is a “top dog” when it comes to game development in the PC space.

Unreal engine 4 has been a marquee shift in direction not only licensing/distribution, but also platform support, and game developer focus. I see why because outside of the PC(windows) and Consoles space there really is a predominate strangle hold of a leader for game development. We all know it probably know who i am referring too, and just to give a recap they did this by an outstanding COMMUNITY. Its easier said than done… but I’d argue building a community is really easy if you keep one thing in mind, documentation.

Busy Developers [TLDR]:

Documentation (from simple trivial things to more complex tasks). Although this is geared more towards web development, it has many analogs for game development. I’m hoping some developers read this article

“You are what you document”. That being said anything outside the PC space is a second class citizen, with android being a 3rd class citizen (because of fragmentation). I feel like a pioneer in the android space very sparse documentation, only like 3(?) “supported” devices none of which combine have more than like 10% market share. Bugs, stability, and performance I’ve all ran into with a limited scope game. I only complain about android support, because with a little more documentation and bigger/better community. We can more feedback, better feedback, more devices tested on which will lead to more pull request that enhance android/iOS support.

You might think i’m complaining, i’m actually not. Infact as far as documentation goes (for the age of the engine and only being out 2-3 months) , Epic gets a solid A-. The only reason, want to post this is to give good reinforcing feedback :slight_smile: