A few questions from a begginer

First of all, Im not sure if this is the right thread to post this in, but as I don’t have questions on any specific topic, I put it up here.
I recently started with UE4 and as any beginner would do, went and saw the video tutorials. I dint see all of them(192 videos…) but I saw stuff like level creation, adding sound, lights, making player move and interact etc.
I thought of making a simple game but the first barrier I reached was this : How do I insert a “Start Game” menu for the player. I mean, in all games, there is a menu right, if only a button saying start game. How would I do that?
Next, I thought of a story but that involves me showing an animation before the game start. So, how is that done?
If I wanted to use the mouse wheel to change first person/third person view, how would I do that?
And finally, if I wanted to make my own assets, how do I do that? As I checked on the forums it involved software like Maya and 3ds which I don’t really know. Can it be done via photoshop?
P.S. I know I dint read the starter guides, and only saw videos, so if the answers are there could u please refer them to me. I did read the Preparing your assets, but thats where I found that I need Autodesk software for asset creation.
Thank you

you can do that with UMG or blueprints, I would recommend you take a look at the free samples you can download from the launcher as some of them have basic menus.

if you mean the little video clips you often see before a level stars like the player walking through a door or something then usually you would set up the scene program what you want to happen and then record a video of it which you play before the level starts.

there are a few ways to do that, for example you could just use the mouse wheel to change the position of the camera in a blueprint.

you don’t need maya or , there is other programs that work as well like cinema4D, if you want a free program to create 3D models I would recommend blender, it can be tricky to get used to but it can do anything you need it to.

you can do some stuff in PS like making textures and sprites.

hope that helps:)

You don’t need a menu just to play a game, if you don’t have a menu then it would just load the game level directly. A menu is usually a game level anyways, that just has a UI applied to it (that’s how they get the 3D game menus).

To make content you need a 3D modeling and animation program, Photoshop can’t do that. You would need something like 3ds , Maya, or Blender which is free.

Thank you, that helped.
I started my game, made level 1, and now I dont know how to link 2 levels together. So, how do I make a transition from level 1 to level 2?
Also, how do I display a “Game Over” Screen at the end? Atleast have it written on the screen, then wait for the person and then quit on say entering a door. Is there an option to quit the game in Blueprint?
Also, the main reason I chose UE4 was because it was c++ based. I know c++ quite well, as taught in any class, but when I started learning via video lessons, all I see are blueprint tutorials. Also, I tried to open a begginer c++ project( new FPS) and felt completely lost. I realised most of that is because it is separated into many files, but if even the start is this complicated, what parts of the code are you supposed to write in c++? How do u merge both blueprint and c++(I would like to use if statement instead of the branch for example).

Either you open it when the player toches a trigger/reaches the goal (open level node) or you do it with level streaming -> https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/LevelStreaming/index.html
Just create a basic health system (foat variable) and when it’s under 100, pause your game and display the game over screen -> ?v=Zx7J0VQcoR4
So basically you do it the same as with a menu -> on youtube you can find many tutorials about that
When you want to quit the game you can either use the “quit” node or just open the menu level and add the “quit node” there :slight_smile:

Thank you for that, but then again as I said, I wanted to know very very basic stuff like How do I open another level? I know about the trigger boes so I can manage that, but all I can make em do is turn lights on/off, or make stuff dissapear. I can change variables as well. Im checking ur links now. :slight_smile:

Opening a level is very easy -> just use the open level node :wink:


Oh thats really nice, thanks for that :slight_smile: