A few questions about unreal

Hey, I’m a hobbyist developer who’ been working with coppercube for a year now and I love it. The problem is, my game files got corrupted somehow and now all my hours of work are out the window. I was wondering if I could do the following things in unreal engine easily without coding;

easily attach a scene node/sprite/entity to an animated joint of a different rigged and animated model.
change a variable when the mouse (or center of the screen/crosshair) is hovering over an object.
have an action happen when a variable is equal to something
change position of an object relative to another object
follow an object at a certain speed while colliding with other objects and being effected by gravity.
have an action occur on entering and/or leaving proximity of another object.
save and load variables to disk.

Is all/most of this relatively easy to do? and could someone point me to some tutorials on how to do this? It would mean a lot to me.

Oh and also, one more thing. I know I don’t have the knowledge to make a game for ps4 or xbox1, but if I made a pc game with unreal, would it be possible for me to hire someone to convert/port it to those platforms? Or is there a certain way you have to make the game for those cases?
I’m sorry if I come off as uneducated, I’m still a bit new to this.
Thanks in Advance

Yes to all of those.

As for porting, yes, you can either handle it yourself by applying settings for different builds or hire a dedicated team. Neither is going to be cheap regardless: most consoles require you to pay licensing fees and buy a dev kit.

Yes . You can do all of those things . It seems that you are new to UE4 . I suggest watching Live training and reading Docs and also watching Blueprint Tutorials from Epic and other youtubers like Virtus . to help you get started . i am Sure you will like it here . and also . You can certanly Develop for Xbox One and PS4 but i will assure you that that would be diffucult and time consuming . Its better to focus on Windows and the Other available platforms . If you need anymore help just PM me or Post here . The community of UE is there for you :slight_smile: . Everything is easy to do in UE4 . Anyways . Have fun developing … :slight_smile: