A documentation article is lacking necessary information; Was addressed on AnswerHub

The documentation article link is given here.

The article is lacking the necessary steps to avoid having black screen showing up when running the game.

This has been addressed and resolved in this AnswerHub question exactly a year ago. The staff responded that a start-up map may have not been set when packaging the game. I feel this information is important for new users, especially students like me, using Unreal Engine 4 yet who don’t have a clue on using it.

Can the documentation article have this important information added to it?


Also, I am confused by packaging and distributing the game aimed for Windows/Mac platforms. The documentation article did not mention anything able packaging a game for PC, and then what to do with it after the packaging has completed. Do you copy/paste the entire WindowsNoEditor/MacNoEditor folder around, and that is it? Nothing else to say?

Hi asperatology,

I’ve reported the missing information from the documentation as JIRA [UEDOC-1413]. This being looked at and should be fixed in a near future build of the engine. -Thanks for the feedback!