A couple of question regarding VR


So i think VR is super interesting, but i was wondering how easy can you adapt a current “basic” project to it? Secondly are there good recommendations for a device to start with? Is there a mainstream device, are they downward compatible? Can VR support added later in development or are there any specifics you need to take care of? Thanks!

You might consider that VR is at best another language that doesn’t directly translate backwards/forwards but we’re in a transition time where safer options can be possible. In my world I’m designing for VR in a way that could have branches into 2D 16:9 presentation modes or side projects into HoloLens too; but i’m not trying to speak too many languages at once or otherwise I would be diluting the potential quite a bit. For example if you were to translate a book from one language to another you may have to re-write certain threads to ‘make sense’ in that language or it would be a literal translation and could lack sub text.

You could also see how even within the VR vernacular there’s GearVR, Google Daydream, PS4VR, Rift & Vive which ALL have some commonality but certain specifics between them. Gee it’s a tricky prospect to find a single language that would work on them all e.g GearVR doesn’t do head positional tracking, so you won’t be able to dodge a bullet and there’s no motion controller so you can’t catch that ball - Daydream has a motion controller but is also a mobile rendering platform so your assets would have to scale down if you were building for the desktop VR platforms and different again if you’re going for PlayStation VR.

I’m working on a calm, VR Photo film which I found to be compatible with every platform. Just one example of navigating through it all.

Anyway, I hope that makes some sense.