A couple of newb questions

1.) Is there some kind of reference library? That sure would be helpful. I found and downloaded an 8680 page pdf, but it’s not really a reference so much as a quick overview of everything. I’ve watched tons of tutorials on YouTube and learned a lot from them, but they never seems to have the same issues I have so they don’t give me the answers I’m searching for. Where do folks go to learn how to?

  1. I put a few trees into the foliage tool hoping to quickly populate my map with a forest. Unfortunately, every time I try to paint them on the landscape I end up with trees pointing in every different odd-ball direction except up. I’ve searched the settings of the individual meshes, (but I don’t think it’s a mesh issue and they’re all doing it) the project settings, for the foliage editor, and every other settings I could find, but nothing seemed to fix the problem. I don’t want trees growing up out of the ground at every different angle. I want trees that grow up, straight up, not sideways up. Where is this setting please?

  2. When I use the foliage editor to paint in grass, my grass is fine for about ten feet, after 10 feet it’s black. With some it’s black the shape of the grass, with others it’s just black squares. I figure this is an LOD thing and I played for a long while with many of the settings in the M_Grass_blahblah blueprint and the FT_Grass_blahblah blueprint (I know what the M_ is but what is FT_?) Anyway, I somehow managed to get one type of grass to actually work, but I can’t reproduce it on any of the other grasses. I don’t even know which setting fixed it. I’ve put a grass blueprints ‘details’ screen side by side with the one that’s working but can’t find any setting that are different. I went and played with all the LOD settings on the second grass but couldn’t reproduce the accident of fixing the first grass.

  3. All grass meshes look fine up close until I move the camera, then they brighten and sparkle. It’s not good.

Maybe these issues are the result of using stuff meant for 4.26 and I’m importing them into 5.0. If so, I can deal with it for now. But the grass one for sure has a fix as I accidentally managed to fix one.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Check out Unreal Online Learning - Unreal Engine if you haven’t already.

end up with trees pointing in every different odd-ball direction except up.
In the foliage tool check your Placemment settings. Pitch angle and Ground Slope Angle specifically. This assumes the models are pointing up if you open them in the asset viewer.

Grass - What is your landscape material? Have you set up the paint tools correctly?

4 Grass looks sparkly. You’ve imported grass into UE5 and may be using ray tracing or simply Lumen/Nanight.

Your best bet to learn is to stick to UE4.26.2 right now since UE5 can have some issues with foliage and likely other things. Follow one of the Landcape tutorials on the Unreal learning site sicne they cover these things.

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Oh wow, that’s awesome. Thanks for the link. I had found that once before, but couldn’t remember what it was called or how to get back to it.