A bunch of questions

I have got some questions, that I decided to compile and ask at once. Here we go!
First, two light map questions.

  1. Can I generally make the visible parts of an object’s lightmaps higher scale than the rest? This is what I mean…
    Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 14.03.33.png

The visible part of the walls are the inside ones. The outside of the wall won’t be visible at any point, so I decided to scale those shells down in the UV editor to get better resolution for the visible parts. Should I expect any problems doing that?

  1. Smooth objects. I’ve gathered, that you have to stick the edges on the grid inside the UV editor, but how does that work if you have an arc? Here’s what I mean…
    Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 14.06.26.png

How do you correctly lightmap such an object? There’s no way I can put the edges on the grid.

Then, another question. How can I make an object lit at all times? My scene is at night, but I want to make a huge sprehe around the building, so you can see some buildings and light in the background. I tried using emissive color, but it didn’t work at all - instead of making it visible, it make it emit a light, so the texture turned into a bright white color instead.
Thank you for your time!

I can only answer question one myself. You can definitely do that for your light maps. I have even detached my visible faces so they have the whole UVW space to themselves, you can lump all the parts not visible into one mesh and just do a quick flatten unwrap on them. Takes more time but you get a lot better results.

Perfect! This means I won’t have to redo all my textures :smiley: Thanks James!

Bump… anyone?