A bit question about FPS View

Hello everyone.
Today I created a small project by default “Blank” I import all my animations and my character “T-Pose” i have beens Following this tutorial
and everything was perfect.

My character is currently in Third person I wanted to go in FPS view so I move the camera of my character like that,


the problem is that when I crouched in the game the camera does not follow the character.


So I used the demo model “FPS” but I did not find any error or had

You probably want to attach the camera to a socket connected to the character’s head bone. If you do that, as the character moves, the camera will move with their head and be properly posiitioned. the downside is if you have animations that have a lot of head movement, it could be dizzying. Often, games use a different set of animations for first and third person view, and often even different meshes.