A big thank you to Daekesh

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to a person who’s guided me many, many times when I needed help with Unreal Engine - Daekesh.

He’s almost always around the IRC channel #unrealengine. He’s trying to help everyone. His knowledge is vast. And even if you are dumb enough to make him lose his nerves, he always stays professional.

I wish I could help him back the same way one day, but before it happens, I’ll keep teaching the next generations of noobs what he taught me.

May the force be with you Daekesh! :slight_smile:

Thank you <3 I do like to help!

Oh and also, if anybody else needs help, IRC is a great place. It’s full of nice people, most of which will help solve problems (or point you in the right direction.)

Yeah Daekesh is a god among men.

If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Daekesh

Seriously though Epic needs to pay this man :cool:

I second that! He deserves a medal for his constant support. :slight_smile:

Funny note or no, at first i read ‘Daesh’ so i ask myself but what’s going on? …never mind. Anyway i will join the channel, looks interesting indeed :wink:

Also, thank you.