90% discount. Exclusive to unreal. 8 hours only

Exclusive to Unreal customers, this Easter Monday, we are offering our classic 90% discount for 8 hours only.
If you purchase today, not only will you receive the product, but also the unreal version when released too!
When purchasing today, we also supply you with a simple doc, showing how easily to import our assets, and also a video showing the process.

Visit the link below to visit the exclusive unreal promotion

Sent you a PM

Thankyou for that, Also im extending this deal for a further 14 hours due to time zone differences for people who missed out

Np. If you don’t have one, I would highly suggest picking up a DK2. It is an invaluable development tool :slight_smile:

I might be picking up a few more meshes if the sale is still on.

Thanks, got a bunch of stuff!

How many of those “Today only” “Easter only” “8 hours only” offer were there already?

yeah every 2 or 3 days there is a new thread like this from Arteria3D here in the general discussion forum section. It’s not that I would not like this, I have myself bought something in one of these discount offers, but if every website would do this the whole forum section would just be offers/ads.

Have to agree with the general feelings here, this is getting spammy.

I’d like to respectfully suggest these advertising posts be banished to

Anyone going in there won’t be surprised to be sold something.

Arteria3D has 75 posts on these forums, and EVERY single one is self promotion. There should seriously be rules about this. If you don’t actually contribute to the forums/community, you shouldn’t be able to spam your products here. Just make it like Reddit, where certain subs require you to contribute in a meaningful way (as a majority of your time on the forum) if you want self-promote.

The marketplace forum is only for products on the marketplace, and it makes sense to be able to self-promote there, because it benefits Epic as well, not to mention people going to that forum are likely going there to research a product they saw on the marketplace, or to see if a certain product/feature is coming to the marketplace. Arteria3D only self promotes, contributes nothing besides ads to his website, doesn’t benefit Epic in any way, and makes general discussion look spammy T_T

QFA, He is taking advantage of the forum to drive traffic to his site to sale his stuff which shouldn’t be allowed, all IMHO of course.

The asset store forum, as rightly indicated is only for marketstore content. I cannot post there until content is sent and accepted for the unreal store. The moderator allowed me to post on this general discussion.
Some people will never like any type of promotion on forums, but the reality is, many customers on a budget would loose out, as lots of customers who don’t have 3d experience in making their own assets value purchasing low cost assets to help their learning and level set skills in any engine.

Also, in helping customers with the start of what will be a large collection of unreal ready assets.

In answer to your comment about how I contribute in a meaningful way, I also supply many free packs to this community time to time as a thankyou to unreal forum mods for allowing me to post and forum goers. Full packs with full commercial license for free…at certain times of year

Just ignore the Arteria posts, they spammed the Unity forums constantly as well - they’re constantly running super special deals (it’s just a ploy to constantly have a thread at the top so they get constant traffic.)

Whoever is behind the posts (at the company I mean) knows it too, you can see it in their ‘reply’

The first part is addressing the concern, yes people don’t like promotion on forums - the second part is completely unrelated to the first. Customers on a budget don’t respond solely to forum spam, it’s just free so Arteria doesn’t have to pay for advertising, they direct you to their own store too so heck they don’t even have to pay a cut to anyone else. Their tactics are scummy and while their work is quality, their ‘marketing’ (and I use that term loosely) is the reason I’ll never buy anything from them.

Like many others I have bought from Arteria before, I think it’s great they offer discounts and update their pricing. They seem to respond well to questions/critiques. I have been intrigued by their discounts many times but I always seem to discover the threads too late anyway.

Maybe have an Arteria3d megathread that can be updated/bumped instead of creating new topics for new deals? I don’t have a problem with the current method but I definitely can empathize with both groups.

Madison, I wil certainly think in future when posting on these forums, and consider all forum users. Its appreciated that the mods let me post here, and I will ensure that only unreal based asset releases are mentioned from time to time, and not mass sales like the easter sale.
Also, I will contribute more to the community, helping fellow forum goers with issues on the art side they may have. Thankyou for the honest, critique, its appreciated
Zenrok, thank you for support also