8/8/2021: ark dev kit v334.0 is now available on the epic launcher

Hello Everyone,

8/8/2021, v334.0:

ARK Dev Kit 334.0 is now available from the Epic Games Launcher. Bringing the devkit in line with 334.3 of the live game.

A few changes of note specific to mods:

  • The RandomMutationsMale/Female properties should now be blueprint writable again.
  • Expanded kismet math functions for type double
  • AdditionalStructureEngrams should now stack properly and not only for the first mod that tries to add to a given structure.
  • AdditionalDefaultBuffs should now stack properly. It was only adding the first “collection” of buffs that were found as a valid class match before.
  • Added a UUID generation helper function Generate UUID. This will just create a new UUID in string format. what you do with it is up to you.

7/19/2021, v332.6:

ARK Dev Kit 332.6 is now available from the Epic Games Launcher. Bringing the devkit in line with 332.11 of the live game.

Including a few targeted fixes for mods:

  • The UObject limit increased to ~134 million objects (EDITOR ONLY)
  • Fixes for GetAllClassesOfType:
    • Leaving the parent class value empty should no longer result in a crash (Defaults to UObject)
    • The path Filter should work again
    • The function should no longer crash when encountering cases of a parent and child class sharing the same exact class name
    • Use of the function should no longer return classes belonging to unloaded mods
  • Widgets derived from UToolTipWidget can now use the Init and Update function overrides
    • bUseBPInitToolTip & bUseBPUpdateToolTip
  • The Tek Shirt Buff has had a devkit only modification that should prevent the “Element Bar” error that blocks some mods from cooking. However this means that the charge levels of tek gear may not display properly in PIE, if you need that simply reconnect the execution of that function.

7/8/2021, v332.4:

ARK Dev Kit 332.4 is now available from the Epic Games Launcher.

The ARK dev kit has been updated with content from Genesis Part 2. Please be mindful that this was a large content update and there may be issues that still need to be resolved.

6/4/2021, v327.2:

ARK Dev Kit 327.2 is now available from the Epic Games Launcher.

This update does NOT include content from Genesis part 2, it brings the dev kit up to date with the live game just prior to Genesis part 2 launch

For those that are having issues with server octree searches, there was a shift in the enum recently. This update has the new enum entries stubbed in so that you can use them and your mods can have appropriate offsets, for existing octreee search settings you should not have to change anything but it will require a cook with the new devkit to fix mods that were impacted by that shift.

For older update notes please refer to the previous update post

-Zen Rowe

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