60mb fbx import freezes at 75%

I have created a city using esri CityEngine and exported it as a fbx file into local disk D. When I import this file using UE4 it gets stuck at 75% . I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS PROBLEM in the internet, and found that it just takes time. Today I left it for 3 hrs and it still did not complete. Moreover, while importing my computer shows 95% ram usage and hangs and I cannot do anything else. Help!!!

If you leave it for long enough it will eventually import. I am not familiar with city engine, is there anyway to breakup the city into sections? That way when all the pieces are imported you can select all and drag into scene. They should stay relative to their place as you have in city engine.

If you do not import it as “combine meshes” (uncheck that setting), it will import faster. There will be a progress-bar showing the progress as well.

I exactly did that and it showed ("importing x of 8209 objects) as my city approx. 8000 objects. However, after importing about 7000 objects it stuck.

I am new to cityengine myself and only how to select buildings and export selected models. If I select all my 8000 buildings and export them individually, it is like building the city in UE4 itself. Any help would be appreciated.

I had this same issue in 4.10. Unreal kept crashing too. Try updating to 4.11.1. That should mostly fix the issue.

Then I exported my entire city as obj and on importing it into UE, the import process completed and an empty message dialog box appeared in the taskbar. I could not see what it said as my UE4 editor had completely freezed, forcing me to end the task through task manager after about 20 min of not responding dialog. Then I restarted my UE4, and found that no city had been imported. Maybe the message dialog box showed an error…

Try exporting exporting objects in batches from CityEngine - say, 1000 objects per FBX - and import those FBX.

This vid shows how to select objects in an enclosed area: http://video.arcgis./watch/935/selection-tips-for-cityengine

The batch export ref here: http://cehelp.esri./help/index.jsp?topic=/.procedural.cityengine.help/html/quickstart/export.html

Thanks for your help guys but now I am not using cityengine anymore because the textures there are really bad. I would like to close this post.