6 cameras in splitscreen


Is there a way to have more than 4 cameras for the splitscreen? I want to render 6 cameras at once but it seems that UE doesn`t handle more than 4.

Any idea how to make more camers?


have you tried doing it manually? Like with a umg that has 6 Images spaced with a “viewport rendertarget material”? That could be a workaround!

We have tried simillar methode using Material Postprocess with 6 cameras but there were some problems with Postprocess. There were some ghosting artifacts.

If anyone cares i’m having trouble saving its like it saves and i can go back in and it will be g o n e .

you have to load the level that you save to, you can also specify the “Editor Startup Map” under Settings -> Project Settings -> Project -> Maps & Modes -> Default Maps