5 Mistakes I Made Making My First Video Game

Made a video talking about the 5 biggest mistakes making my first game, first video so I was a bit nervous, let me know what you guys think!


Tbh. I think your games name is a bit of a hitch. Not really squares, squarez. square-z, sqwarez.
I tried going to twice before going back to your yt video.
Then It said I needed to login with facebook. So I didnt play it.
My Facebook has nothing to do with playing a game. At all.
I’m not going to redirect from facebook to play your game, and facebook for marketing a game is more work than it’s worth.
You’ll do better with a bumper sticker, and making your game easier to spell for a website, or app store.
There is also another app with the same name above yours on apple store.
But. I’m not downloading a game. That wants my social media login. This doesnt look like a social media game like words with friends.
The artwork looks nice though, and the music is good. I like the neon/tron esque theme.
Just show me the gameplay, and charge me a $1.
You cant have my fb, email, id, and i don’t want people knowing what game i’m playing.

Hi thadkinsjr, while Facebook login is an optional method of playing Squarz it’s not mandatory. Click ‘Login’ instead and it will create a local account for you!