(5€/h) Your Next Project Manager

Hello, I propose myself to be your project manager. I currently am managing a team of 8 for my personal game and managed another of more people for a game made on GMS2 (Isometric Tycoon Game). Due to the COVID crisis I am now looking to get hired and help you out on your projects.

Tools I use and like :

  • Trello
  • Discord (preferably on a server)
  • Google Drive (for files too big for Trello)
  • Google Spreadsheets to keep track of hours, payments and plan ahead
  • Perforce / Github to keep track of the progress and be able to translate it to Trello/Discord

I can use other tools if you already have some in place as I know my way around a lot of them. I also propose to help you on small tasks that you wouldn’t want to do yourself or have someone overqualified do (make custom collisions, setup manual LODs, search for assets, etc.).

I am legal and can speak english orally as well as french.

My rates are 5-8€/h depending on what set of tasks you want me to undertake.

Please contact me on Discord (AcrobatEpee#3854) if you want to have a chat about your needs.