5.4.2 Hotfix Released

The 5.4.2 Hotfix is now available with dozens of fixes for Unreal Engine.

Please feel free to share feedback and discuss the current version in the release topic—Unreal Engine 5.4 Released.

If you experience a bug with the 5.4.2 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the Bug Submission Form .

Issue Summary
UE-196605 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-Engine!FSubsystemCollectionBase::Deinitialize() [SubsystemCollection.cpp:205]
UE-213543 Investigate Crash in UPCGComponent::UpdateDynamicTracking
UE-213979 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-AssetRegistry!FPathTree::RemovePath(FName,TFunctionRef) [PathTree.cpp:96]
UE-213984 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Engine!FSubsystemCollectionBase::Deinitialize() [SubsystemCollection.cpp:200]
UE-185145 Stereo output on Oculus Quest is distorted
UE-213896 5.4.2 - Hotfix Candidate - Distance Field Mesh not generated after modeling geometry
UE-213740 Editor tries to rebuild hierarchy after saving and closing - 5.4.2
UE-210762 Ensure when opening Cloth Asset
UE-210469 Pixel Streaming blueprint components running unnecessarily even when unused in scene
UE-206996 Water is not rendering properly on MRQ output
UE-207611 Force Deleting a Level Snapshot with Sub-Levels causes an editor crash
UE-204520 FBaseAssetToolkit leaks raw pointer resulting in FSubsystemCollectionBase crash
UE-211765 Migrating Open World level to another project crashes editor.
UE-211468 Mac - Content Example - MetalRHI Mismatched Texture Type Ensure when launching Content Example project
UE-212099 Take Recorder - Viewport Freezing and Performance Degradation When Recording Without Subsequences
UE-212063 Implement fix and re-enable explicit bounds for hierarchical instance culling
UE-211801 [Crash Report] UnrealEditor-Renderer!TShaderRefBase<FHWRasterizeMS,FShaderMapPointerTable>::GetMeshShader() [Shader.h:1091]
UE-211421 Disabled particles can take several seconds to disappear in CVD
UE-213956 Change GetMaterial to GetMaterial_Concurrent
UE-213957 Prevent UObject access in HeterogeneousVolumeComponent’s PrimitiveSceneProxy
UE-213959 Heterogeneous Volume shadows flicker with Directional Light
UE-210908 GitHub 11693 : Prevent IOpenXRExtensionPlugins from being added multiple times
UE-213509 Cloth Asset - BucklingRatio has no effect when changed on the SimulationBendingConfig node when using PBD HingeAngles
UE-213501 Cloth Asset - Broken skinning on USD imported render meshes
UE-213414 Building UnrealGameSync with Installer/Build.bat fails due to missing UnrealGameSyncLauncher
UE-213275 Crash editor when raytracing is enabled and enter kanji characters into TextRenderActor
UE-213265 GAS: Local FPredictionKeys can be stomped by a Server Initiated PredictionKey with the same value
UE-213089 Crash when you enter a sample range and convert selected asset to BranchIn Notify inside the MM Editor window
UE-213250 Switching between play / simulate in vcam can cause editor to crash.
UE-213350 Remote Control Property ID not Working with Rundown Tool
UE-213569 Crash on running Geometry Script CopyCollisionMeshesFromObject method
UE-213478 Subversion (SVN) consistently fails to connect on 5.4 and later
UE-213564 Hot fix for Ease curve tool not reading key values on save/load
UE-214138 Incorrect Velocity Calcuation for Inertialization AnimNode
UE-214412 Control Rig - Connecting a Name array variable to select node crashes the editor
UE-213571 Created static particles can take several seconds to appear in CVD
UE-213635 Audio fade no longer works
UE-213625 Solidworks Datasmith Exporter Installer fails to completes on installation with Solidworks 2024
UE-213520 Spline workflows broken because construction script does not rerun when spline is edited
UE-213410 Offset Root Bone doesn’t copy pinned values
UE-213603 UE5.4 - Windows - RHI Validation Failed for WaterInfoTexture_8 and 9
UE-213346 PPM Chain Graphs Issue with packaged builds.
UE-213882 Texture readback node can trigger loads of RenderDoc captures when running UE with RD attached
UE-212814 Layered Control Rigs: Constraining IK hand to a baked cube is not working…
UE-212941 Looping subframe sequences don’t loop
UE-211986 ToString() from a StringTable entry now returns
UE-211963 DMX - Individual search field for patches can’t be reverted and are breaking the UI
UE-213413 [5.4.2] Ensure occurs when changing a State Tree Parameter to type string.
UE-213406 Unnecessary warning LogChaosCloth: Warning: Invalid pattern data. Num pattern indices 0 != Num welded indices… for all SKM cloth
UE-213555 (5.4.2) Subtrees with Enter Conditions will not execute
UE-213813 Pull down lists in Composure fail. Not able to make a comp with any transform passes.
UE-213668 [PCG - 5.4.2] The Static Mesh Spawner node does not set the bounds correctly when run in a reuse case
UE-213689 Crash processing Assets in UAvaFontManagerSubsystem::OnAssetsAdded
UE-214147 Retargeter freezes after editing retarget pose
UE-214145 Fix crash when IK Retargeting old animation (prior to 5.0)
UE-214224 Disable reporting scope for StallDetector
UE-214150 Chaos Cache: playing a destruction cache overrides the kinematic dynamic state set by the cache adapter
UE-214114 [PCG] SplitPoints node breaks metadata on application (5.4)
UE-214094 Material Designer Crash with Blend Mode Change
UE-214270 Editor GPU crashes do not include GPU breadcrumbs in crash report
UE-214290 Cloth Asset fails to load correctly in editor
UE-214837 Deformer graph anim attribute node does not react to details panel changes, including name change and pin addition
UE-215583 [5.4.2] Crash in Edit Materials tool when changing brush size
UE-215584 [5.4.2] Paint Maps: Crash trying to change brush radius
UE-214663 Render Indirect Capsule Shadows + Lumen HWRT artifact
UE-214332 Serialized Blueprints containing MIDs do not load correctly in packages.
UE-214293 Cloner updating material property on attached actor should update preview
UE-214539 [CrashReport][Crash] UnrealEditor-Engine!IWorldPartitionActorLoaderInterface::ILoaderAdapter::IsLoaded() [Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/WorldPartition/WorldPartitionActorLoaderInterface.cpp:98]
UE-214607 OnComponentHit events not dispatched on dedicated server with UE 5.4.1
UE-214485 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12DynamicRHI::LockBuffer(FRHICommandListBase &,FD3D12Buffer *,unsigned int,EBufferUsageFlags,unsigned int,unsigned int,EResourceLockMode) [Engine/Source/Runtime/D3D12RHI/Private/D3D1…
UE-214736 [CrashReport][Crash] UnrealEditor-WorldPartitionEditor!static void GatherLoadedActorsBounds(class TArray<FBoundsWithVolume,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > & const, const class FWorldPartitionActorDescInstance *, const class UActorDes…
UE-214209 [PCG] Tag parsing in the level to asset export does not work for non-boolean types (5.4)
UE-213744 Stabilize Undo in Modular Control Rig - 5.4.2
UE-213735 Renaming modules affects other modules not related - 5.4.2
UE-213788 Static Analysis is incorrectly not run when building for -SingleFile
UE-213681 Ensure condition failed: !GIsTransacting ScopedTransaction.cpp ensure when undo/redo of copy/pasting of binding
UE-213972 [PCG - 5.4.2] Copy Attribute on Points is not working when copying an attribute into another
UE-194931 CitySample - When Crumpling the Hood of a Car the Hood Clips into the Engine Block
UE-213910 Cook error (Content is missing from cook) raised when cooking deep blueprint hierarchy