.47 Chaos - win 11 - VS 2019

This is probably a ME problem.

Writing this as a tutorial mostly.

Enable long file names!
Reg edit. follow this:

Map & Get the engine.

On a clean install of windows 11 you apparently have to go out of your way to find and install VS2019

Next, get an incredibuild license and install the VS incredibuild component. Follow this
The license for a single machine is Free - you do have to sign up.

After you activate the license, clean the build, clean the project files.
To be safe, re-run /Setup.bat - as the build starting/stopping apparently messed with it at least once.

Set up the build correctly.

Click the UE4 project and make it the startup project.

Click Build, wait the 20m or so.

As of now, things are failing for
For whatever reason, the file was corrupt.
Grab file source from
and repair.
NOTE: Github desktop Fetch didn’t re-fetch the file on it’s own. This had to be manually pasted in.
The corruption of the file was likely caused by a BSOD while trying to compile the engine via VS 2022. As I said, a “ME” problem…

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Updated and changed the topic title.
After the process above being repeated a few times - apparently the github files kept coming in corrupt for whatever reason - and finally building.

Now the editor runs, starts, somewhat works as intended, but then crashes out.
Swapping to a debug editor build to see why, as it is a crash without any sort of messaging with the regular build.

Wondering if anyone else is having issues of the sort with the same branch/latest file set.
(I guess this is what I get for doing a clean windows 11 install).

Whatever the latest release is as of today is actually stable and performing about as well as PhysX on around 200 cubes.