4.9 Changed how FX and sounds are networked?

In 4.7 and 4.8 I was under the assumption (and iirc it only worked this way) That if you spawned a projectile on the server with an RPC that when the projectile hit, and you wanted to spawn FX on clients, you would have to use a Multicast or a Repnotify.

In 4.9 I was trying to figure out another problem when I found that if I just ran the FX logic off the hit event, all the clients would run this logic. No Repnotify or Multicast. Was this a change or am I missing something?

It should only run on the client if you let it.
use “Switch has authority” to control what runs on the client or server

Yes I authority guard the damage stuff. But previously in 4.8 and 4.7 iirc Particle FX and Sounds could not be spawned by a server spawned projectiles hit event unless you used a multicast or Repnotify to do it on the clients. Having them spawn without the need of either of these actually saves bandwidth, so it is a good thing. But I can’t find where or if this was changed.