(4.9.2)About DOF BUG on iPad Air

When I enable DOF on ipad air(A7) with metal option on,it will show black screen,when I turn DOF off,everything works fine.But this never happens on iphone6(A8).Thanks a lot!

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If you take a look at our iOS Device Compatibility List, you will see the iPad Air does not support full HDR, but the iPhone 6 does support Full HDR w/Sun.

Depth of Field is an High Dynamic Range post processing effect.

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Thanks very much!But actually it says Non-Retina not the unsupported.I think it should be able to run on ipad air since it uses the same cpu as iphone5s.

“Non-Retina - We have tested the family of devices and expect them to perform well at non-retina resolution.”

Try playing it at Non-retina resolution on your iPad Air to see if that helps. There is not much we can do aside from that since it functions on other devices. This is simply a technology compatibility issue.

Thank you very much!But I don’t know how to play at a non-retina resolution,I have set the r.mobilecontentscalefactor to1 already which is not the full resolution.

Yeah I tested this on my end, and even went into the Engine/Config/ and edited the BaseDeviceProfiles file to include the variable for the iPad Air to have Depth of Field enabled. This still did not work, and it is because it is not supported on the Air, but it seems to be supported on the Air2 as you can see in the default settings below.


As I mentioned, it is “expected” to work on non-retina devices, but we cannot guarantee it will. We are working to increase our compatibility with devices, but if the DoF is functioning on your iPhone 6, I would target that platform. That is if the Depth of Field feature is an important feature in your game.