[4.8 promoted] Having some issues with deployment to IOS

Trying to launch to iOS on the latest promoted 4.8 git label. Getting this message:

I have deleted everything an tried again to no avail. Has anyone seen this before or had something similar?


I am having the same issue as well for Android. Trying to get the OBB downloader to work.

I ran into this issue, and it has to do with config files not converting properly with 4.8.

-Before doing/trying anything in 4.8 make a copy of your project. DO NOT use on live projects
In particular if you go to your project folder and delete BaseEngine.ini (although you lose project engine settings) you will atleast be able to package/ship, but still (still some bugs even after it does package). I’m looking into what config is causing it. Will report back later tonight when I get home, but it seems to be with problem with 4.7 config and what 4.8 is expecting.

[wiping config/intermediate will allow it to work]