[4.8] Issue with gaps between Instanced Static Meshes (4.7.6 was fine)

Hey guys,

I’m creating a procedurally generated tile based city which is working fine in 4.7.6.
Now when I generate the city in version 4.8 I get gaps of 0.5 unit (maybe smaller) between my tiles.

You can see the grid below the gap.

This is how it looks in 4.7.6:

Now the really weird part is that this only happens when I rotate the instanced static mesh. If the rotation = 0, everything aligns perfectly.
Blueprint for spawning my instances:

Position = all round numbers and on the spot they need to be.
Scale = all 1,1,1.
Models = 1000x1000.
The models are also fine, because when I drag them into the level and position them myself they line up perfectly even when rotated.

There must be a weird bug with the transform of Instanced Static Meshes when you rotate them. It’s like they are scaled down by a really small amount.

Here is a test 4.8 project that shows the problem:
(Select the grid after you simulate and you can see the gaps where the yellow lines are when you zoom in a bit)

Just wondering if more people are having this issue or that it’s just me. Seeing that it’s working fine in 4.7.6, it must be a 4.8 bug :).

I have not had this problem yet, but I’m soon going to be building something where this could be a big issue. Hope it gets resolved.

Posted it on the answer hub as well, so far no response yet :(.