4.8 Change-log?

I’ve looked around for a bit, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Our team desperately needs a couple of features (not to mention bugs worked out) with Paper2D. As it stands, our complex pure 2D fighting game is becoming a nightmare, and we are hoping 4.8 will include a few features to make our life a little easier.

Besides the Trello - which doesn’t tell us much - is there a current changelog of features already added to 4.8, and possibly a planned change list as well?

When 4.8 will be released you will get a detailed changelog, but at the moment there are still new features added every day and Epic does not have a “realtime changelog”, but you could read all of the commits which are aded to the master branch, but that’s probably a way too detailed “changelog” :rolleyes:

Hey thanks! That’s all I needed to know.

wishes for _LOD naming convention in that change log

wishes for consistency between test-play/AMI/cooked versions of the same game

I second this. Especially the differences between standalone and packaged - those are the most annoying.

If you interested in detail what is coming i recommand to monitor commit list in master brach or at least promoted branch (which are preview builds?)

There are many commits per day so I can not recommend using them as a realtime changelist. If you are specifically interested in Paper2D, you can filter the commits by directory:


Oh hey thanks! That will work.