4.7p5 Crash w/ Empty Flipbooks

To repro:

  • Fire up a new project
  • Create a new blueprint, I like to call mine BP_Crash
  • Drag out an instance of BP_Crash to the map
  • In BP_Crash add a component of type Paper Flipbook called Flipbook, don’t change anything on it
  • In the Event Graph add a node for beginplay -drag out a wire and search for set visibility of flipbook let new visibility default to false
  • Press Run


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Hello Furroy,

Thank you for your report.

I just tested this issue following along with the steps you provided in the preview 6 build of the engine, and was unable to get the same crash result. Would you mind testing this in the most current preview and let me know if it occurs again?

If you are able to reproduce the crash in the current preview, then I will create a bug report so it can be fixed.

If you have any other questions or perhaps left out any additional information let me know.


Actually yes it does still crash in preview six for me.

link text

Hey Furroy,

I tried getting your crash to occur on my end and was still unsuccessful. Would you mind giving me a bit more information as to the type of the BP project you are creating?

For example,

Platform: Desktop/Console

Qualtiy: Scalable 2D/3D

Starter Content: No Starter Content

These options could all possibly have an effect on the ability to reproduce the crash.

Thank you,

A third person template project, without starter content.
Scalability all set to Epic.
Material quality high,
Shader Model 5

Keep trying, but if you are unable to get the repro then I can assume the issue was fixed internally possibly through a change that was made in preview 6.

Let me know if you are able to get it to reproduce or if you have any other questions.


Hmm I made a brand new project 4.7p6 and can’t repro it in that