[4.7 P8] Set Timer Delegate no longer stops an existing timer

Using a Set Timer Delegate node and setting the time to 0 no longer stops the original timer that started the delegate. For example, the “End Checks” node below does not stop the Continuous LOS Checks event from firing. This works great in 4.6.1 but no longer works in 4.7.

Hi JParent,

Thank you for the report. I was easily able to reproduce the issue. I have created JIRA UE-10305 in our tracking software and our developers will be investigating the issue further. We will post here when there is an update.



The issues is now fixed in our latest internal build, which you should see in a future update. In the meantime, for this to work properly in 4.7.0 you will need to set/toggle the timer outside of the Custom Event.

Here is one example that works correctly in 4.7.0.