4.7.6 won't generate UE4.sln

generateprojectfiles.bat won’t generate the UE4.sln, and it won’t create C++ projects from the launcher (it either hangs up at 0% or 80%),

When running generateprojectfiles.bat, I get a message “\Cmake\bin was unexpected at this time”
Cmake seems fine however.

About my system:

  1. I’m running windows 8.1 and have the latest updates. Turned off avast antivirus during all downloads and installs run as admin.
  2. reinstalled VS community 2013 (apparently VS Express does not have MFC and ATL support)
  3. I downloaded the zip from github and followed the instructions closely, ‘unblocked’ in properties, setup.bat completed downloads.

Any help on this greatly appreciated!




I think you need check file associations. For begin, clear all C++ associations with CMake and recover all associations for VS 20013 . UE4 not needs CMake. Only VS 2013.

Thank you for the response!

I removed Cmake, but it was still not generating the files. It turns out that the path environment variable didn’t like a quotation mark in one entry and an exclamation point in another. I fixed the path and it generates the .sln file now.

new problem: when trying to create a blank C++ project from the launcher it hangs up at 80% or at 0%. also when trying to add code to a project.

Any new thoughts appreciated!