[4.7.6] Bug with Behaviour Tree Decorator?

I repost here a message that I sent to the forum. I think that there is a bug with the evaluation of the behaviour tree decorator when used with composite node:

Problem with the AI Blueprint Decorator (Bug???)

I was having a problem with my own custom blueprint decorator that I use as guard to execute a behaviour subtree. The subtree was always executed whatever the return condition was set … I though that the problem was coming from my code so I tried the Blackboard decorator to test a variable value. Here again the subtree of the selector is always executed even if the condition of the blackboard is not met…strange … strange … is this a bug ? or am I doing something wrong…

I attach some of my code and debug infos. As you can see, the state bb variable is set to “wander” so it is not equal to “flee”. But the ping task is always called (The ping task simply prints a message on the screen and returns a success value of true)

Can anyone help with this please

Hi Kadda,

Thank you for that information, but I am unable to reproduce this with the default decorators. If you test other decorators, do they work as expected? I believe that the solution will be somewhere in the custom decorator you’ve made. Can you please post screenshots of how it is set up? Also, what all states does your Enum have? Any additional information may help.


Hi Kappa,

I haven’t heard back from you in a while. Once I have the information requested, I’ll be able to further investigate the cause of the issue. Please also check this out in 4.8 to see if it is still occurring for you.

I’ve made this comment into an accepted answer so the question can be tracked until reopened. Please reply to the post to reopen your question and continue the investigation.