4.7.5 - C++ - REALLY bad local network lag

Hi guys,

I was hoping 4.7.5 would resolve this but:

On my machine the local network games I’m testing are REALLY laggy including the C++ First Person Shooter template straight from Epic. I thought maybe it was my code at first but it’s pretty basic (as in not modified beyond the FPS template). Only difference being I added meshes for the characters from the Animation Starter Pack so I had something to play with. The first window’s lag is minimal to none. The second player’s view is worse than dialup. This happens on all types of server mode: dedicated, listen and client. The only things being replicated are the other player characters (skeletal meshes, their movement, etc) in my code but again: This also happens in the 4.7 Shooter Game.

As you may be able to guess, this makes development and testing exceptionally difficult. My system specs are below. Please advise.

My Dev. System:

Windows 7 - 64bits.

Intel i7-3930K @ 3.2GHz (6 Cores & 12 Logical Processors).

16GB DDR3 Ram (with 10.3 available at the time of posting this).

Available Virtual Memory: 24GB

Video: nVidia GTX 680

NIC: Intel Gigabit Network Controller (onboard but it’s an Intel NIC).

Upon further investigation the problem is directly related to framerate. The “first” client is ok and has no issues refreshing but all other clients, when a character moves their FPS goes from ~50-60FPS to 2 FPS!

Is there a way to correct this? It makes development a real challenge.