[4.7.3] Player Controller Possess

Hey everyone,

I’m wanting to change my default spawn player controller when in a menu. I created a PC blueprint with a parent to PlayerController. However none of my input events are firing from my blueprint PC, I am just testing right now with print string to verify everything works. My tick event in my blueprint PC fires, checking the controlled pawn and casting to my character class fires, during tick event, and prints just fine. But no key actions are firing.

In my character class, I am unpossessing my old PC, creating my new blueprint PC and possessing my character. Is there something I am missing?


If I set the default PC to my menu blueprint PC, my events fire just fine, but they don’t when I possess my character using Possess. This makes me think there is an issue when I am first creating the blueprint PC. How do you spawn a PC in blueprints? I am using “SpawnActor” and I am setting the class to my blueprint PC. From there I am using the returned object to possess.