4.6 world size increase to 20km, will this work for networking as well?

I just heard on the twitch 4.6 Roadmap plans to make world size increase 4x bigger from 5km to 20km,
Will this work for multiplayer as well? So precision / floating point issues will be better? Or is that only for single player?

I think it’s going to be the same as it is now but a lot bigger since they are pushing it to the limit I guess.
Which means it will support multiplayer as it already does now with 4km

Really? So we will be able to have 20km of space with our multiplayer maps? I hope so!

I’m looking at the districts in APB reloaded and they seem to be alot bigger than 5km, and that was on a pretty dated unreal 3
I dont think that game has special mmo networking either because of the precise car physics so it must be possible

You’ll want to make heavy use of network relevancy :smiley: