[4.6] Automatic fixup for copied assets

I often like to copy assets across different projects, but the texture links are broken (for materials) even when I preserve their relative file paths.


  1. Download UE4 Materials Pack Vol. 1
  2. Copy the (Content -> Materials) and (Content -> Textures) folders into a new folder inside your project from within the editor
  3. Edit a material and see that the texture references are missing

Is it possible to have ue4 assume the asset links (FString?) are the same if the last part is the same as something in the Content folder? (And possibly check a file hash to make sure? Or just check the other assets imported, on import)

For the vehicle assets, I didn’t try copying recently, but in the desert buggy sample project I wasn’t able to copy it a few months ago, the skeletal mesh reference was broken, or missing. I think it’s possible to fix it, but still… I’d like it to be as easy to use assets as it’s visually is telling me it should be.


Hi xXxFishAndChipsxXx,

How are you copying them over? If you use the migration feature it should maintain the folder structure when you move the files over. If you are using migration and this error occurs, please let me know so we can reproduce it as that is not intended functionality.

To use the migration feature:

Go to the project you are migrating content from.
In the content browser, right click the files or folders you wish to move
In the context menu that appears. Select migrate.
A new window will appear, make sure it is the folder structure you want, press ok
Choose destination project, press ok.

Thanks Adam, I will try that feature in future - didn’t know it existed.