4.6.1 Problems

I have been working on a project (Advanced 2D Platformer) for the Unreal Marketplace. Upon updating to 4.6.1 I have a couple of problems.

  1. For no reason at all, the character movement is janky. It jitters back and forth, any standard camera movement amplifies the problem. The character appears to float above a smooth no angle ground at times, and I am using a standard capsule and character movement component.
  1. The game runs in the editor and with the launcher, however, it crashes promptly upon packaging the game. I have provided a screenshot of the crash, but there is absolutely no useful information. I can package a standard game with no problem, however, my code is very simple, I am not using anything out of the ordinary.

Useful Note: I am not using “code” I am utilizing Blueprints. There is no C++ code involved or custom plugins. I am more than willing to send my project files over if need be.

Package Project Launch Fail

Edit: I should also note, that I have a valid and paid subscription to Unreal. I have no idea why the crash did not print out a merch id.

wow, that almost looks like an animation problem rather than char movement.

have you looked at your packaged game log for any errors etc. and/or posted this to answer hub?

well hope they can help you with this? kind of a kool looking lil’ guy you have there :wink:

Hi The Britain,

Can you post this to the answerhub at in the bug reports section so we can better assist you? Please be sure to include your callstack and crash logs on the answerhub post. Thank you!

It’s not an animation error, it was working before the switch to 4.6.1. My original thought was maybe I was switching back and forth between animations or that I was setting the character location to its last location multiple times, but a quick debug shows everything is in order.

Sure can, but there is no callstack error. It just pops up a blank box.