4.5 UMG text block, why does style exist for it/can style be chosen?

In 4.4 with UMG you could use styles which was really nice, and while not needing those style objects now in 4.5, it has become somewhat harder to style everything, though at least you can copy-paste the style. This doesn’t work however for the Text Object, which has a style panel within it, however it seems to be completely ignored? This means if I decide to change any part of the texts appearance, I have to copy and paste every single variable of its appearance for every text object I have. This also means in blueprint when I want to change its appearance I have to have a node for every part of it I want to change, where as if it used style I’d just be able to set it to a style with parameters input there. Is there a reason the Text Object has style even though it’s ignored, is there some way to make it looks like the style properties instead of the appearance properties? I’d really like to have the look of text change when you hover over it but the mass of nodes necessary because it now uses appearance is somewhat frustrating and makes it beyond time consuming. I’d greatly appreciate any information regarding all of this.