4.3 Preview > File menu and others stopped working

I opened a 4.2 project in 4.3 and that seems to work fine.
I’m trying to Save All, so click on File menu and clicking on it just flashes the top bar of the editor.
Edit, Window and Help menus also don’t do anything.
Restarting the editor doesn’t change this.

Ctrl + S works to save all.

[Edit: For the project which has no menus in editor, on a different computer the same project (and menus) worked just fine after loading, but stopped working shortly after (maybe after first autosave but that’s a guess). Both computers have a clean install of 4.3 Preview. The computer where the editor/project works is Windows7/NVidia Quadro card/no version control, and the one that doesn’t is Windows8.1/NVidia GTX Titan card, AlienBrain version control (thanks god) … I’m not sure what other specs might bear on this problem].

[Edit: Might be something to do with the editor’s Welcome Tutorial popup system?]

This also affects the Play, Build, Blueprints menu drop-downs (they don’t drop down).

If I start a new 4.3 project everything works fine. Just not if I open an existing project.

Uninstalling - re-downloading both 4.2.1 and 4.3 Preview didn’t change this problem.

Is this a code based project (rather than a blueprint based one)? If so, can I just confirm that you’ve built the “Development Editor” configuration for your project after switching it to the 4.3 UE4 build.

It is blueprints only.

Someone pls answer! Driving me NUTS! :open_mouth:

Mine is the same, no menus 3.4 converted project from 4.2.1 my project is blueprints only, none of the menus in the editor “File, edit, window and help” open

I think you broke something :frowning:

Hi everyone,

I have an idea of what might be causing this for you. There is a new bug with ''Enable Window Animations" which we are working to fix, and it causes all the menu issues you describe.

Please try this:

  • Close the editor
  • Navigate to the following folder in Windows for your affected project:
  • C:\Users{USERNAME}\Documents\Unreal Projects{YOURPROJECT}\Saved\Config\Windows
  • Open EditorUserSettings.ini
  • Run an F3 search for bEnableWindowAnimations
  • Is it set to “True”? … If so, change it to False.
  • Save the ini.
  • Re-open your project

EDIT: If the setting doesn’t exist in your EditorUserSettings.ini, then instead navigate to this file: C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.3\Engine\Config\ BaseEditorUserSettings.ini and change the same setting to False.

Please let us know if this helps.

In my engine install folder there’s \Engine\Config\BaseEditorUserSettings which contains bEnableWindowAnimations and this is set to False.

But in my project’s \Saved\Config\Windows\EditorUserSettings.ini the F3 tool doesn’t find bEnableWindowAnimations or EnableWindow or Animations …

So more advice required here.

[Edit: After I edited BaseEditorUserSettings I went back to the my project’s \Config\EditorUserSettings (not the one in \Saved\Config\ ) and found this:


Removing the two lines that say true seems to have fixed the problem … so far anyhow. If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.

Out of curiosity, did you enable window animations manually? It should default to off so I am just curious how it got enabled for you.

I dunno. I don’t recall setting that. But I did set Use Small UI Icons previously from within the editor’s preferences.

Setting bEnableWindowAnimations to false fixed it completely! Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hey thanks, like the user above there was not any bEnableWindowAnimations the EditorUserSettings.ini


however in C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.3\Engine\Config\ BaseEditorUserSettings.ini

there was bEnableWindowAnimations=True so I changed it to bEnableWindowAnimations=False

Restarted the editor and bingo it has sorted the menu out!

Many thanks

I have all of the following set to false yet the problem still exist. It only is an issue with my 1 project that is in Google Drive. All members of the project are having the issue and this worked just fine yesterday.

Edit: Used Sublime Text 2 and searched for the variable and it was set a second time later in the file. Sorry I had an ID107 Error but its all good now :slight_smile: