(4-27) How can we load part of actors in the level?

Hello everyone! I’m struggling with a problem in UE4. I wanna open an empty level first. This is done by using Open Level (Empty Level) in BP. Then, the next level is loaded either by Open Level or Load Stream Level. These two methods will not operate properly and I do not know why. (It seems that we cannot open level in two times)

Furthermore, I can play animation or stop it. But the requirement is to load part of the actors in the level, i.e. the thirdpersoncharacter should not be loaded when the level is opened/loaded. (it should be loaded when we type some key) I rly do not know how to manipulate this. Could anyone help me solve these twp problems?

Open level throws away everything that went before, so it’s ok for the empty level, but nothing after that.

Then you need to load a stream level, that should work fine. What is the problem?

After that, you can spawn the player and possess it from the level BP.