4.26 water masking

Hello good people:) I have a very specific question about masking the inside parts of boats and ships in the new 4.26 water system - it seams the legacy workflow using distance filed meshes for masking isn’t working for me at least inside 4.26 - is there a way to mask the water in such way or i need to stick to the old water system for now?
Thanks in advance!

Did you ever find a solution for that? Man this lacks documentation and proper support. I guess they are busy with new UE5 but I hope they give it some love.

I’ve been looking for a solution for quite a while now and have hit nothing but dead ends in regards to masking the 4.26 water material. The devs mentioned the water plugin would be near production ready in UE5 so we’ll just have to wait :no_mouth:

The only thing I’ve found so far about masking out the water was in this video.
It’s not very in depth, and I haven’t tried it myself yet.