4.26 Camera not working working through tutorials


I am very new. As such I am working through the tutorials on the website to become familiar with the software.

The tutorial is “Your First Hour in Unreal Engine 4” and the trouble comes in at part “Working with Additional Assets”. In this tutorial, you migrate the assets in “LearningKit_Games_Showcase” and bring it into “OurFirstProject”.

I have done this twice on two different systems and I am getting the same result. I am also doing EXACTLY what the video does and nothing else.

The issue is: Once this map is loaded into “OurFirstProject”, I test it by clicking “Play”. The playable character model loads and can fully move around, however the default camera which spawns with it REFUSES to rotate left/right. It will tilt up/down. If I load up the project “LearningKit_Games_Showcase” and “play” it, the camera works fine.

I have also loaded both projects up side-by-side and looked through whatever camera and player settings I could find, just to find everything is identical.

Any help is appreciated. I am just completely lost. Been trying to solve this over the last few weeks and its derailing continuing my tutorial.

The issue is solved by me not OCDing on it and moving on in the tutorial. Just incase anyone else stops the tutorial and starts looking in forums for help, I thought I’d post what solved it in the later tutorial.

So after being stuck on this for a week, I went on with the tutorial. Turns out this is addressed in 4 tutorials later in “Blueprints”. In there it covers how blueprints work and shows a warning that occurred on the part of the blueprint of “Mouse inputs”. I had to create a new input with the same name that exists in the “Project Settings > Inputs > Bindings” section. In my case it was called “Turn” and in the tutorial it was “LookRight”.

Alternatively in “Project Settings > Inputs > Bindings”, could have created a new input on the “Axis Mappings” section that was named “TurnRight” and left the Blueprint as is.

Apologies for the noob post and hopefully this will lessen any copycats. :slight_smile: