4.25 Spawn Actor | SaveGame

Hi, so i recently moved to 4.25.1 (from 4.24.3).
I noticed when i save my game (using my custom save system) and load it back, SpawnActor will crash saying :

 An actor of name '<Name>' already exists in level 'Level /Game/Maps/<Level>'. 

where <Name> is the actor name, and <Level> my map.

The crash will only happen when i have a savable actor in my map, not spawned at runtime, obviously… but, what happened to actor spawning on 4.25? something must have been changed?

SpawnActor was changed and will now fail if an actor with the specified name already exists in the level. I added a check for actor == nullptr to handle it.

You probably solved it by now, but I had the same issue testing our project with 4.25 recently.