[4.25 Preview] Lack of backface culling when using ray tracing breaks RT translucency

In the image, the window to the left are using glass panes that are convex towards the camera but without any thickness, the window to the right are using thick panes. further to the right are a sphere and a plane with the same material to show the issue more clearly. messing around with the max refraction rays and r.RayTracing.Translucency.MaxRayDistance doesnt seem to make a difference.

when looking at the plane and window with the thin panes from behind, the faces are still visible, so what I assume happens is that the refraction rays get confused and cant penetrate properly which I guess isnt intended. is there any way to fix this atm?

All the objects share the same material and mesh rendering settings, I spent a lot of time trying to track down the problem :stuck_out_tongue: Ive attached some more images showing the difference between ray tracing and raster, especially when shown from behind where the backfaces are indeed visible and also show some of the same black weirdness which is why I figured it could be that thats the problem