4.25 - Custom Data for ISM/HISM in pixel shader stage


I noticed the preview of 4.25 finally supports custom float data for ISM. While this is really awesome, it seems to be limited to usage in the vertex shader stage.
Is there any way to pass that information (just the instance ID would be enough actually) to the pixel shader stage so it can be used to e.g. choose different colours per instance.
Currently the only way to achieve this that I found is to hack the per-instance-random value, but even that doesn’t seem to work reliably.

I’d really like to implement a performant line-renderer, and HISM seem to be the best way to go about that without modifying the engine. But being unable to set specific colours per instance/set of instances sadly limits this to randomized colours.

Thank you all in advance,

I’ve tried and there is no way to use this damn parameter. If there’s a way to use a custom node to pass the data from the vertex to the pixel, it might be the only way but i have no clue on how to do that myself.
Ultimately, this parameter is useless in its current form.

You lads are aware about vertex interpolator material expression, right ?

After watching this:…ustom_data_in/
I didnt know about that one.
Doesnt really lend well to what it’s suppose to do. Maybe labeling it differently, something like “Pass to Pixel Shader”.