4.25.3 Control Rig not saved after restarting editor

In 4.25.3, when starting a clean new C++ project using the Third Person Template, control rigs don’t persist between editor sessions for me. If I add a Control Rig node to an Anim Blueprint, it works, but when I save it, exit the editor, and restart it again, the control rig node in the Anim BP doesn’t seem to do anything anymore. It starts working again after I recompile the Control Rig blueprint.

Is anyone else still experiencing this issue? I see that someone reported it as an issue (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-94220)), but it’s marked “Cannot Reproduce” even though it’s really easy to reproduce?

I can confirm this happening on 4.25.3

  1. Create a control rig that rotates the mannequin in at ‘spine_01’ bone, make sure to select** Propagate to Children **on the transform node.
  2. Add it into the animation blueprint via Control Rig node
  3. Run in PIE, it works
  4. Restart the editor
  5. Run again, only spine_01 is rotated, rest of the hierarchy is unaffected.

Thanks - glad I’m not alone.

I wonder if it’s still happening in 4.26?

Even if I do a save as of the current level I am noticing that the controlRig’s controls just dissappear. Not sure if it is the same problem but seems buggy.