[4.24] Sunsky and Fog: some settings are eluding me

Hello, I’ve been trying the new SunSky actor, and the Exponential Height fog acts differently in the example ArchViz project and in a default 3rd person project.

For both images, it is a freshly dropped and unmodified Fog and SunSky, so I image scene or projects settings must have something different?

The fog is black, both for the purposes of influencing the Sky and for objects, in the default project.

Any idea?

Thank you

This might be because the ArchViz project has the **Support Atmosphere Affecting Height Fog **project setting enabled?
See Exponential Height Fog section in

In the Skylight or directional light, or that light if directional light is set as the atmosphere sun / fog light, look for a setting called Lower Hemisphere is Solid Color. If it’s checked, and the color is black (right underneath the setting is an RGB), then uncheck it. Or, change it to the fog color intended or something close. Otherwise, disabling it is likely the best option. Then use a post process volume to modify the fog’s color / lighting / shadowing / etc in addition to the fog’s own settings.

That is exactly it! Thank you

Very appreciated!