4.24 plugins requirements | why not to list all needed plugins _before_ the project start?

Hi there, UE dev team!

I’t a bit strange and honestly saying - makes users angry about the way the 4.24 starts.
First, you ask for the project to be created but then - boom! - a plugin required, bye-bye. And there’s even no direct link to a plugin - find it yourself, guys. Ok…The plugin is installed, starting the engine, and… bam! - another plugin is required. And again - no direct link to a plugin provided.

Dodn’t you guys think it is not so convinient for the user to start working on a fresh engine? I mean, cheking all the base required components and auto-installing them after user confirmation would be a nice feature, rather then forsing users to do it manually.

For sure, it’s not a big deal after all, but you see, as UE usage vector is shifting more and more to non-gameDev community, ther’s a people who is much less tech-geeks and way more easy to be stressed by this kind of things. They do expect at least smooth start of the tool so they can jump right into ART creation process.

Hope that make sence.
Best regards!