4.24 Iclone Plugin

For some strange reason, when I install the plugin for 4.24 everything works as intended except when I close my project. After it is completely closed I get the crash report window. Everything works fine while in editor, just seems to bring this up each time I close the project. I have a licensed version of iClone and iClone live link so that shouldn’t be the issue. Only other plugin being used is the substance plugin. If I remove the iclone live link plugina and make a new project, no crash window appears. Anyone know if this is a bug or if anyone else is having similar results?

Hello Darktrooper,

This issue was duplicated on our side. The function works properly, but a crash report will pop up as you described.
We suggest you to register this issue on our Feedback Tracker, so you will get instant notification when there is update from our side. Thanks!

Reallusion Team

Thanks for the reply. Issue reported to the Feedback Tracker

Thank you Darktrooper!